Last week I turned twenty, and I think it´s safe to say I celebrated it. I´m a crazy bitch when it comes to my birthday: everything has to be perfect, I often skip school and basically do whatever the hell I want. It´s my day, and I use the phrase “Well, because it´s my birthday!” at least thirty times. I drank my first sunshine beer at four o´clock, wore a crown for my bday dinner and yeah, you get the idea. I actually think they should make a national holiday at third of april, that would be something. It must suck to be around me, but hey – it´s once a year. Except that I am a little crazy around christmas too. Well, what do you have friends and family for?  And oh my, they were fabulous! So much attention, awesome gifts and and all over perfect weekend. Every birthday I realize all over again how lucky I am. Especially my wonderful husband, who not only keep up with this madness, but really did everything to make my day(s) perfect ♥

originally published 08.04.14