“Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.

– Norman Vincent Peale

I kicked of the Christmas celebrations at my aunt´s house, surrounded by friends and laughter. I spent the whole day there, making Christmas cards, origami and other things. We had thai soup for lunch and tapas for dinner, and I went to bed feeling both lucky to be invited, and with a calmness inside that I get only there. When I got home the day after, I finally had the time to hang my big, beautiful world map up over the couch in time for december, with help from my mom and sister.

Me and my husband arranged our annual Soltice party, an old pagan tradition originally. It is basically our Christmas eve with our chosen family.
Almost all of our closest came; Together we drank wine, ate gingerbread and laughed long into the morning hours.

My baby Odin turned two years old the twentieth of december. True to his mother, he posed like a star.

As always, all my presents are wrapped in recyclable paper, gift boxes to use again, and with ecological ribbons.

My dad´s newest edition to the family, little Ludvig. It spreads joy to have a little puppy running around again, with all it´s  curiosity and positive energy.

Here are some of the beautiful presents I received this year. My bonus parents gave me a bottle of “Happy Bubbles”, designed by talented Bjørg Thorallsdottir.
Notice the Chinese tea, yummy ! I also got my first Touch Tablet, and so graphic design will be much easier from now on.
I feel so lucky, that the people surrounding me knows what I appreciate and put their heart and soul into my gifts. Thank you so much !

originally published 26.12.14