We´ve gotten to know a German couple here, and today we went snorkeling together on the other side of the island. I swam with a turtle almost the same size as me, the most chilled out creature I´ve seen in my life. I even saw a shark about 1.5 meters long right next to W. He started bleeding shortly after, and was pretty quick to swim back to shore. They´re supposed to be harmless, but you never know, and it´s not worth the risk of a shark bite on your honeymoon. I wish I had been quick enough to catch it on camera but oh well – at least I´m getting better and better with the underwater photography, which is a lot harder than I thought. And yeah: The sight under water here is absolutely amazing. It is really one of these wonders you don´t believe exists before you see it for yourself.

Originally published 29.06.14