Sorry for some poor update lately. Writing exame on friday, working on the local fleamarket all weekend, and then another exame next week. Gosh. Overload. But at least I found something pretty awesome while working there !

An authentic Gucci (!) , and a Lacoste, three beautiful cashmere scarves, vintage dresses, Nine West wedges, you name it. I do love secondhand shopping !

originally published 02.06.13

  1. His and Hers Daily Grind
    Apr 05, 2015

    Great vintage pieces! Going for timeless items is the best, because you can wear them without worrying about fading fashion trends.

    We’d love for you to check out our LA-based fashion blog, which focuses on timeless business casual / weekend wear looks for men and women. Come visit our site and let us know what you think!

    Keep on Crushin’,
    Ryan and Julie

  2. Clare
    Apr 05, 2015

    Great finds! I love going thrifting; I’ve found a designer skirt and other things for a little more than a penny!