Some treasures to take home. My new Birkenstocks are so fugly their awesome ! I really adore them.
I´ve realized that as I have about a hundred pairs of heels, what I really need is a couple of comfy flats. Imagine that.

As I mentioned, you can find almost everything here if your not looking for labels. If you are, however, you can find some, like YSL, Céline, Furla, Armani etc. It´s a little bit cheaper than in Norway, for example I bought my new Converse for 350 kuna (350 kr / 60 dollars). Articles of quality but without any label, are ridiculously cheap. I bought two Pashmina scarves for 200 kuna (200 kr / 33 dollars) ! I grinned like an idiot walking out of there, I was so happy. I´ve also bought my share of silver jewelry here, as they have both fair prices and a lot more variety than back home.

originally published 25.07.14