A three hour flight felt like three minutes after my last trip. I even got a little work done on the plane, and now my head is in full vacation lock down once again. This time I´m in company with my mom and my little sister, which is always a good idea. We got picked up at the airport by the guy we rent our apartment from, and took a detour to Srđ on our way there. Srđ is a 412 meter high mountain in Dalmatia. The fort on top of it was built during the Napoleonic Wars. From there you can see all of Dubrovnik: The ancient city walls, the Island of Lokrum, and far out over the Adriatic Ocean. It was absolutely stunning – so colorfull; the clear blue ocean mixed with the orange rooftops. We even saw the border to Bosnia and Herzegovina, which was not as far as I would have imagined. After unpacking our suitcases and actually taking a nap, we did a little sightseeing on our own, and so far so good. I can not wait to wake up well rested tomorrow and see the walled city of Dubrovnik.

Originally published 18.07.14