Ciao! I´m always so tired after traveling, so the afternoon of our arrival we began our tremendous amount of impressions to come by going out for a beer and light dinner by the Colosseum. Oh my, that sunset was a sight for sore eyes, I´ll tell you that! Our first full day in Rome, we started off eating breakfast in our beautiful little balcony garden. We stayed at Nakissa Inn, a bed and breakfast in Via Cavour, just in between the Colosseum and Piazza Venezia, in walking distance to everything. We like to travel without an exact plan, so that we can do what we want when we want it, and first at breakfast we decided to head out to the Trevi Fountain. I obviously had not done my homework, because the streets were packed with people and we had no idea why. It turned out to be the Italian Republic day, and all the locals were out to see the President. In 2014 we witnessed the Gambian Independence day, and in 2015 we got to see the Italian Republic day as well. Both the sight of the President and the jets with smoke in the colors of the Italian flag, made me, as it so often does on my travels, feel overwhelmingly lucky.

Due to the Parade, loads of streets were closed off and we wandered around for quite a while before arriving at the Piazza Venezia and the enormous monument Altare della Patria, commonly known as the Wedding Cake. The marble monument was designed in honor of Victor Emmanuel the second, first king of Italy 1895, but was completed under Mussolini in 1935.

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Apparently I´m no genius with a map, because our trip to the Trevi Fountain ended up by the Largo di Torre Argentina in Centro Storico, which if you look at a map is pretty far off. Fortunately we have our policy on not planning too much, so instead of strolling on while tired, we ordered Italian icecream – gelato (which is breathtakingly delicious by the way). The Largo di Torre Argentina is a square that hosts the remains of Pompey´s Theatre, and it is the place where Julius Cesar is believed assassinated. It is now a Cat Sanctuary for homeless cats, and with the taste of gelato and sight of sunbathing, totally relaxed cats, it was a pretty great detour.

We decided to walk further into Centro Storico, and soon found the Piazza Navona, a great square surrounded by majestic buildings with the Fountain of the Four Rivers in the middle. Some sight! The Romans knew how to build, that´s for sure. After studying the beautiful Piazza for some time, we continued and ended up by the great Pantheon, one of the best-preserved Ancient Rome buildings. We got a table with a perfect view of the Pantheon and surrounding square, and ate pizza and drank Peroni – local beer as is the tradition, at least for me. With our bellies full of delicious pizza margherita and mind full of impressions, we finished the sightseeing of the day. We spent the evening in Trastevere, a district on the other side of the Tiber River flowing through Rome. I will show you some outfit pictures taken in one of the romantic back alleys there later!