1. My first wedding invite ever, to this gorgeous couple. Long live love!
2. New details on my fingers 3. My dear hammock and True Love Tattoo classic tattoo inspo book
4. W´s best man and one of my very best friends 5. Sushi date by the hospital where another dear friend of mine lays these days

These last couple of weeks have been both confusing, frustrating, interesting, chaotic, amazing on so many levels and in ways impossible to describe. On Sunday I head for two sunny weeks in Nice (!), and when I return it´s autumn. Depressing as always. However, I am more focused than ever on the amazing parts of my journey called life, which is this planets best friends with ears to listen and wine to share, my irreplaceable family, late nights, exiting projects and so on - it´s wonderful to feel so certain of my bullet proof safety net for the first time in forever.