dress / nolita purse / louis vuitton sandals / birkenstock sunnies / ebay pin / yves saint laurent
The days here in paradise fly by, and I could´t be better off. The other day, we visited this beautiful old town Antibes. I´ve been to all these places several times before, but each and every time I see it, I´m as impressed as the first time. If you´r ever in France, I highly recommend visiting the local markets, especially in Nice and Antibes. They also have a lot of concept stores here, which in Norway you don´t see too much of. Everything from thrift shops, interior design stores in different (very pinpointed) styles, to handcrafted stuff made out of olive trees etc. We went to the market in Antibes, where I bought more vintage posters, gifts for my loved ones, an original YSL pin, perfume bottles and more. Every day here is full of energy, as I´ve spent loads of time with my adorable cousin; playing games, sunbathing, shopping, singing, you name it. Life is truly a gift. Right here, right now.