The other day, we were on a safari in the desert of Dubai. First, we drove a jeep in the sand dunes, wich was an adventure; What. A. Ride! It was´t for the faint hearted, and I´m glad it did´t last longer as my brain thought it funnier than my stomach. We stopped in the middle of nowhere, just gazing at the amazing surroundings - sand, as far as the eye could see, and in a stunning sunset.

We moved along to some kind of an arabic camp, where there were tons to do: We got our hands done in beautiful henna and we petted (and took selfies) with the camels (we did´t have the time to ride them because of a line like you have never seen). I even tried on a burka, which was both an enriching and sad experience, to be honest. We finished our cultural day by eating a delicious arabic dinner while watching a beautiful belly dancer under the moon of the middle east. It was one of those days I will remember for years and years, and as I always repeat limitlessly while traveling:

I´m incredibly grateful.

Both for the amazing world we live in,
and for being able to explore it piece by piece.