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This year has been one big blur from start to finish. I had to go through my camera roll just to figure out what I even did in 2015. One second I welcomed 2015 with a bottle of Cava in my right hand and my husband in my right, and the next I welcomed 2016 with a beer in both hands and surrounded by my best friends. It feels strange. And so, here´s loads of pictures from the previous year, completely random.

First, and most importantly, I got to see more of our beautiful planet; My first trip was in march, to the Norwegian city Trondheim to visit one of my best friends. Three months later my camera was in Rome, and got charmed by all the beauty that ancinet city has to offer. In August, I went on a Road Trip to the countryside of Denmark, and climbed mountains in Telemark, Norway. In September I went back to amazing South France for the first time in three years, and explored even more markets and cities. This month, me and my dad went for a short Roadtrip through the the east valleys of Norway as well. In October I finished my travelers year by spending a week shopping, sunbathing and exploring Dubai.

Beside from traveling, I launched my company´s concept and website, and fulfilled my dream of working with creativity. I´ve met loads of new clients and amazing people, and worked with exiting projects. There´s no better feeling than to be wanted for your competence and ideas, and 2015 really gave me more self esteem and left me wanting more. I spent countless hours with my best friends: In heated arguments, in tears, in mind blowing laughter, drinking wine till sunrise and enjoying life. I can honestly say that even tho 2015 was a bit blurry, it is – no matter how cliche it is – the year I learned the most about my self and my values.

I´m not one for new years resolutions, honestly because I can never keep them. But if I were to have one for 2016, it had to be to start blogging again; not every day, but to share inspiration, pieces of the world, my work, and as an excuse to use my camera more and dress better.

See my phone pictures of 2015 on my personal instagram › ulrikkeee