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(the post I was suppost to publish yesterday)

Random snapshots from the last couple of days. Yesterday, we started our day at this cute breakfast restaurant in the sun. As Morocco is an old French colony, it has kept a lot of the French traditions; such as crêpes and croissants, as we ate for breakfast with coffee and orange juice. Moroccans speak fluent French, but are not all that good in English as soon as you step out of the hotel area, which has turned out to be quite a challenge – but, with gestures and patience from both parts, we manage just fine.

After breakfast, we went for the camel safari, which I will show you loads of pictures from later when the Internet is a little bit more eager to cooperate. After hours of laughter and sightseeing, we went out to dinner at this beautiful restaurant called Pure Passion, and had a classic steak and wine dinner.

Today, while we were walking towards the beach, we were dragged into a tiny shop where they served us tea and told us about their spices. An old man read my palms and told me which sickness I suffer from, and it actually turned out to be true. He showed us his diploma for something acupuncture like, and claimed to have been doing it for more than fifty years. Con or honest, we had a great time drinking tea and chatting, and we even bought some with us for later on. Beach next, and today we chose our spot by Les Blance, which I highly recommend both for food, drinks, sunbathing and beer.