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↑ My amazing sunset view, and my amazing travel companion

We´re in Morocco! Me and my best friend grew tired of cold, depressing, same-old-same-old Norway, and on one of our wine and sushi nights, we suddenly decided to do something about it, and went for Agadir, Morocco. We´ve actually never travelled far together, and I´m beginning to realize just how crazy that is: We´re having the best time!

When we got here yesterday, we were pretty worn out by the journey, and just drank some beer and changed for dinner. As we just found breakfast restaurants, we gambled that taxi would be as cheap as we read in advance – and it was. We headed for the Marina on the far side of the coast, and the trip (about ten-fifteen minutes) cost us about 3 dollars. The beer prices are ridiculous as well, and so we found a beautiful little beach restaurant and ate, drank, laughed our stomachs sore until midnight.

Today we´ve just been to the beach, walked around and inhaled impressions Agadir has to offer, in a (low) tempo that suits us both, and tomorrow we´re going Camel Riding in the Sahara Desert ! Life is pretty great.

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