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After days of beach and alcohol, we were ready for some real sightseeing. We had breakfast at this hidden pearl by the harbor, before walking towards the local fish market. There we met another nice guy called Hassan, who showed us around and had some freshly pressed orange juice with us. Turned out to be a mistake to eat before we came there, as the fish and shellfish looked absolutely delicious, but we´ll try to come back there one day. At the market, there were over thirty different stalls, each with it´s own family business behind it. Bot my north in Norway companion and west of Norway me were astonished by the atmosphere, the smells and the general sight.

After our juice, we grabbed a taxi (turns out 3 dollars was con, as it costs about one – stupid tourists) for the souk. Turned out to be two of them in our area, and the taxi driver – who even though we told him we didn´t know French spoke a whole lot of French – took us to both.

The first one had six floors with carpets, clothes, leather, jewelry, souvenirs etc. I bought a traditional Arabic knife for my nephew who loves pirates, and some jewelry. The driver then took us to the other one, a traditional spice, fruit, clothes etc etc souk. We were guided into another small shop filled with exiting smells, spices, perfumes and oils, and again, drank tea with the shop owners. We wandered on, and bought nuts, a kilo of strawberries and other treats for 1,5 dollars each. When we finally, after loads of impressions, decided to retreat, we spent our evening out on the balcony with wine and strawberries, before dinner.

These days – my days with my best friend and in Africa – are truly the best. I feel, as I always say when I´m out on adventures, incredibly lucky.