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When we first arrived, we were welcomed with an information meeting. I normally never do those, and have that whole “I´ll manage” attitude, but I´m glad I went for this one. The guide showed us all they offered, where we should visit and so on, and even though they’re quite persuasive, if you have a firm hand, you can end up with some really good offers. We decided to go for the Camel Safari, and on Monday, our driver took us there. We arrived at some sort of farm with horses and camels, dogs, cats and sheep.

A really nice Moroccan man called Hassan welcomed us and introduced us to the camels: Maradonna for me, Atlas for H and a young one who just tagged along called Chocolate. The six of us started walking, and after five minutes of camels and Hassan´s stories, we realized that our money – about 25 dollars each – were well spent.

He walked and told us local stories while we enjoyed the view and both camel and human company. As you´ve probably experienced for yourself, both local guides and salesmen can be a little too much, but Hassan was comfortable as he gave us info but let us speak, laugh to each other without ever interrupting throughout our hike.

Halfway on our two hour long camel ride, we stopped at a river called Sous, to let the camels eat. I was anxious in advance that the animals would be mistreated, as I experienced in Gambia etc. It fortunately turned out to be false, as the camels were just fine. After pictures for two legged, and food for four legged, we headed back to the farm. We were served delicious Moroccan tea, before we were picked up by our driver. The day was amazing !