Isn´t it stunning how good phone photography has become? I realized a long time ago that my heavy-camera-wherever-I-go-days are behind me, as my phone takes quality everyday-pictures. I´ve been on VSCO for a while now, with a bit more selective phone art and a little less selfies than on instagram. I famously love the concept of sharing inspo snapshots, and for this, VSCO is perfect! At least until the selfie babes took it over, but hey – it´s avoiding them and focus on art that´s the goal ! I follow a lot of creative souls, and can sit hours just browsing through all the art the original VSCO users offers.
I recently moved to France for a little while, to work, relax and focus on myself as they say. Oslo is amazing, but after a couple of months home – as the restless, wild hearted creature that I am – I had to get out into the world again. Nowadays, as I said, I use my camera for work purposes and my phone for everyday snapshots, so to see more frequent updates from my life here in South France, check out my VSCO grid and journal.

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