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My best friend has finally come down to visit me, and we´ve spent the last three days sightseeing bigtime. It´s his first time on the French Riviera, so I´m showing him around. As I love strolling, gazing and photographing, it fits absolutely fabulous. The first day we took the bus to Cannes, and walked around town together. We (well, me mostly) started off drooling at labels in the designer street before walking around the Palais des Festivals where the famous film festival is held in the spring.

We then headed down to the docks to look at all the ridiculously fancy yachts and the stunning view from the pier into the beach. I unfortunately got stung by a bee there, and as that is my biggest pet peeve in the whole world, it was kind of chaotic there for a while. I cried and was a mess, so we walked back to find ourself a place to have dinner and some much needed alcohol. We ate tartar and salmon tartar with avocado at one of the many delicious beach bars/resturants you find on Boulevarde de la Croisette before we shared a bottle of Rosé on the beach.

The bus ride was tiresome, so we decided to take the train back instead, and then an Uber from the train station. We´ve chosen train since then, as it is by far the best way to get around the Riviera. All in all (even with the bee sting) we had an amazing day, and of course a long awaited reunion in beautiful Cannes.