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A couple of days ago I was in Monaco, surprisingly enough for the first time. It is the second smallest country in the world but still another country off my list, which on nineteen countries and counting! Oh my God, how I love the world. Monaco is only a short hour train ride from Cagnes sur Mer, and it was sooo worth it. 

As soon I got out of the train station, I was in love: The buildings, the structure and all the way to the docks, all melted into a view that´s hard to even imagine without seing it yourself. Monaco is divided into four quarters: Monaco Ville; the old city, La Condamine; the harbor area, Monte Carlo; most flats and the casino, and Fontvieille; a newly built part. In one afternoon we visited two out of four parts of that tiny country. We walked all the way down to the harbor and had a crépe while planning our afternoon. Our plan was originally to take the hop-on-hop-off bus which I LOVE no matter the town, but it was too expensive as to what time we had left, so we decided to walk directly to the famous Casino Monte Carlo instead.

It took some time to get up there (Monaco is a steep country, puh!). When we arrived at the place du Casino, we weren´t allowed inside as our bank cards - norwegian valid ID - was not ID enough, but had a beer out front at the Café de Paris. As two beers cost us 33 euros (!!!) we decided to wait with the food. As I looked around me, I understood how glamorous their lives is compared to ours. Before I left home I felt kinda prettied up for tourism, but when we sat there I felt horrible: everyone around me had beautiful gowns and suits, sky high heels and enough botox to kill someone. The dogs wore Louis Vuitton collars and I wouldn´t be shocked if they got their own steak for lunch. The people, their lifestyle and personal style was entertainment enough. Worth the visit itself, trust me!

From the hill we walked down Avenue de Monte-Carlo where all the designer stores are. We then took the train back, and had dinner at a delicious resturant in Vence, right by the Place de Grand Jardin where the antique marked is. Felt a little bit more like home, haha. All in all, the day was absolutely fab, and I would gladly head back any time! It is for sure an excursion you would both feel grateful and humble to have experienced.