hat & shorts / bikbok   sunnies / rayban   bikini top / primark   body jewlerry / ebay

top & pants / bikbok
purse / prada
platforms / nelly

sunnies / rayban
body jewelry / ebay
bikini top / primark

I had to travel home from France in July because of health related issues. True to myself, I was home happily for maybe a week before I got restless once again. So, me and my roomie (and beautiful travel companion) spontaneously ordered a trip to Alanya, Turkey. This may be old news to my instagram followers, but I thought I´d post some pictures here as well, and tell you a little bit about my last trip.

For the first time in years, I went on a classic charter-all-inclusive-cheap-alcohol-and-beachbeds kind of trip. I´m not usually a fan of that kind of limited vacay, but this time it was actually perfect. After ordering one of the cheapest trips Ving - the travel agency we used - had to offer, we ended up on Sunprime Alanya Beach Hotel. I never care about the hotel on such travels, and would never order such an expensive hotel full price. That being said, you obviously get what you pay for! The rooms were beautiful from start to finish, the food was delicious, the pools (!) and general outside area stunning, and the staff welcoming and helpful - all over an impeccable impression. Following, a great stay that I would gladly recommend if you´re ever to visit Alanya. And if you are, be sure to choose the All Inclusive offer (which we ordered after one day) , as it includes both meals, snacks and alchohol. You will thank me afterwards (or not, if you get a liver disease or something)

We spent the trip mainly with a cold beer in each hand and with sand between our toes at the beautiful Kleopatra Beach (no 1. attraction on Trip Advisor). We had an amazing time sunbathing, bathing, telling stories and laugh as we always do, and do well. In the evenings, we ate at the hotel before heading out for drinks, shopping or both (more often than not). As I think fake brands are insanely tacky and frankly hideous, I didn´t buy anything but the labelless crocodile leathered pumps - but that was enough, I´m in love! As soon as my foot heals properly, I will mix them with every outfit I can possibly manage.

The only kind of sightseeing we did while there, was heading up to the Alara Kalesi, where I took the photo of Alanya City at night. It was all dark when we visited, so I can´t tell you if it´s worth a visit in daylight - the view was stunning, and worth the taxi money anyways. All in all, there´s not too much to tell you from the week, other than that I recommend Alanya for the typical shoulders-down-vacay. We enjoyed it!