Autumn looks

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 1.   Top & Tights set / B A L A N C E
Phone Case / Ebay

2.   Dress / Bershka   Purse / Prada   Watch / DW
Sunnies / Rayban   Chain / Ebay

3.   Playsuit / Bershka   Clutch / Acne Studios   Loafers / Primark

4.   Dress / Bikbok   Tee / Toyshop   Jewelry / Ebay  
Purse / LV Speedy   Sunnies / Rayban

5.   Offshoulder & Jeans / Bikbok   Purse / Prada
Faux fox tail / Ebay

6.   Beanie & Scarf / Acne Studios
Leather jacket / Zara  
Purse / Tiger of Sweden
Faux Fox tail / Ebay   Phone Case / Ebay

7.   Teddy Coat / Ebay   Dress / Bershka
Tigh high boots / Ebay


1.  Tee / Topshop   Denim shorts / Bikbok
Sneakers / New Balance   Purse / Prada
Sunnies / Rayban   Chain / Bikbok

2.   Top / Ebay   Purse / Marc Jacobs
Faux Fox tail / Ebay  
Denim Skirt / Primark
Laceup Ballerinas / Primark

3.   Teddy coat / Topshop   Suit Pants / Lindex
Snakers / Adidas Superstar
   Purse / Tiger of Sweden
Faux Fox tail / Ebay   Scarf / Acne Studios

4.   Laceup Sweater / Ebay   Suit Pants / Bikbok
Leather jacket / Zara
   Clutch Acne Studios
Faux Fox tail / Ebay   Boots / Primark

5.   Tee / Bikbok   Suit Pants / Lindex
Sneakers / Nike Air Force 1
   Purse / Prada
Sunnies / Rayban

6.   Tweed coat / Bikbok   Dress / Bikbok
Tigh high boots / Ebay  
Purse / Tiger of Sweden
Faux Fox Tail / Ebay

7.   Caps / Ebay   Crop Top / Bershka
Pants / Lindex   Purse / Prada

8. Off shoulder sweater / Bikbok   Choker / Ebay
Denim Jacket / Vintage Levis
   Pants / Bikbok
Sneakers / Adidas Superstar   Purse / Prada



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Teddy coat / Topshop   Scarf / Acne Studios   Pants /  Lindex   Sweater / Bikbok
Sneakers / Adidas Superstar   
Purse / Tiger of Sweden   Faux Fox Tail & Choker / Ebay   


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mohair cardigan / acne studios   leather jacket / zara   scarf / acne studios
jeans / bikbok   watch / DW   purse / marc jacobs   boots / primark


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top / spain   pants / bikbok   choker & earrings / ebay   clutch / acne studios
fox tail / ebay   bracelet / marc jacobs   pumps / turkey

Saturday´s party outfit. Omg, I love eBay! All my chokers and most of my fashion jewelry each season is bought there, and it feels amazing to both be fab and not broke, haha. My brand new (faux) fox tail´s also from eBay, I spent about ten dollars on it (!!). As always in my black weekend suit-up, but I can feel my passion for fashion growing on me after years of absence, and that´s good news - both for me and for my followers. Those of you who follow my instagram account: I post outfit snapshots there more frequently as of now, and you can click the images for brands I´m wearing. Stay tuned ! 































In starlight

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jumpsuit / primark   purse / louis vuitton   sandals / birkenstock   sunnies / rayban

Jumpsuits are my weakness.

Both fab and comfy at the same time, and you don´t have to match it other than with accessories. Jumpsuits are my weakness - one of many in both style and in life. Here in Nice where we celebrated life in general with my soulmate Maren  and her boyfriend long into the morning hours. I felt like a star, surrounded by starlight.

Beach braidz

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Oh my God, how I love this braid trend we´ve got going girls !
One, two or three like this, I absolutely adore it.

Makes every sweaty, sandy beach day look fab. Here at Kleopatra Beach, Turkey. 
bathingsuit / primark