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Originally published on my vsco account. I´ve fallen in love with the simple kinda art lately, and use my phone camera way more than my Canon. This way, I don´t think as much before shooting, and get these everyday pieces of art that I love so much. As I´ve admitted a thousand times before, and probably will a thousand and one more, my art both in text and visuals are my way of coping with a chaotic head, and I feel grateful to have a creative mind in times like these.


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One of the perks of being a current citizen of France, is the delicious sweets everywhere, and (worst) best of all; macrons. God damn I could eat these for breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday. I won´t tho. But the thought of it is liberating, and it´s one of a thousand reasons I love being here. These snashots are from my VSCO grid; vsco.ingwild.comDo visit it for several-times-daily updates. 

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A few days ago we had our first day of clear blue sky, and so we decided to go for a hike in one of Norway´s famous mountain plateau, Hardangervidda. It is the largest one in Europe, and most southern area in Norway where arctic flora and fauna can be found. We took a short route, but still – look at that view ! It was so mighty, I had to try another panorama in which you can spot some of Hardangervidda and the mountain Gaustadtoppen. I would really recommend visiting Norway some time, to see the amazing nature.

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Norwegian nature

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Funny, how we Norwegians do everything to travel as much as possible, but never really take the time to see our own country. My dad has always made a point of showing me and my sister what Norway has to offer, but nonetheless I´m speechless every time I climb a mountain. If it´s one thing that is truly beautiful about our little land, it´s our nature. These pictures are from my hour-long or so hike yesterday. Oh, how I love these kinds of travels.


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Dolphins, especially the Spinner dolphin ↑ are one of the most social of all species.
To see them seeking our company is one of those things you just don´t forget.
What beautiful creatures.

Originally published 16.07.14