This project, I´ve been dying to show you ! It´s called Mirror Series,
and it is various girls behind a mirror. Thank you super girls,
I am so grateful for each and every one of you - so far !
It is a series I will continue in the future, so stay tuned ! 

Also, I´ve rebranded my company website
and logo this week, take a look at
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Oslo Opera House

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As I said I was home a couple of weeks ago for work, and here it is. We used the roof of Oslo Opera House as location, something I´ve wanted for some time. It´s so clean and sleek, and sets focus to the model. The morning weather was perf, with the beautiful clouds and an amazing lightning. We actually used the natural light a lot as I like to do, with help of a reflector and a flash pointed to it. The results is a product of creativity, location and of course an incredibly talented model. 


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mari2 liten


mari4 liten

mari3 liten

February first, this beauty won my Instagram contest and this is the result.
She also helped me with some project photographies I´m dying to show you when it grows into something!
Follow the company instagram for more contests: Creatingwild


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My beautiful cousin modeled for some sunset portraits. We can learn so much from children, who has not yet learned to tame their inner wild, energetic craziness.

Elida´s amusement

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Yet another fantastic shoot with amazing baby girl Elida (remember?). We spent hours out in the beautiful weather a couple of weeks back. She has grown into such a happy, sparkling little girl, and it´s as always a pleasure capturing her moments. This, this smile of pure happiness is why I love my job.

This is what I want

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I´ve been home for a couple of days now – just long enough to work up some money, see my loved ones, unpack and pack my suitcase again.
And as we speak, I´m heading for Dubrovnik in Croatia ! This is what I want – this is how I want to live my life.

Originally published 18.07.14