In starlight

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jumpsuit / primark   purse / louis vuitton   sandals / birkenstock   sunnies / rayban

Jumpsuits are my weakness.

Both fab and comfy at the same time, and you don´t have to match it other than with accessories. Jumpsuits are my weakness - one of many in both style and in life. Here in Nice where we celebrated life in general with my soulmate Maren  and her boyfriend long into the morning hours. I felt like a star, surrounded by starlight.


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A couple of days ago I was in Monaco, surprisingly enough for the first time. It is the second smallest country in the world but still another country off my list, which on nineteen countries and counting! Oh my God, how I love the world. Monaco is only a short hour train ride from Cagnes sur Mer, and it was sooo worth it. 

As soon I got out of the train station, I was in love: The buildings, the structure and all the way to the docks, all melted into a view that´s hard to even imagine without seing it yourself. Monaco is divided into four quarters: Monaco Ville; the old city, La Condamine; the harbor area, Monte Carlo; most flats and the casino, and Fontvieille; a newly built part. In one afternoon we visited two out of four parts of that tiny country. We walked all the way down to the harbor and had a crépe while planning our afternoon. Our plan was originally to take the hop-on-hop-off bus which I LOVE no matter the town, but it was too expensive as to what time we had left, so we decided to walk directly to the famous Casino Monte Carlo instead.

It took some time to get up there (Monaco is a steep country, puh!). When we arrived at the place du Casino, we weren´t allowed inside as our bank cards - norwegian valid ID - was not ID enough, but had a beer out front at the Café de Paris. As two beers cost us 33 euros (!!!) we decided to wait with the food. As I looked around me, I understood how glamorous their lives is compared to ours. Before I left home I felt kinda prettied up for tourism, but when we sat there I felt horrible: everyone around me had beautiful gowns and suits, sky high heels and enough botox to kill someone. The dogs wore Louis Vuitton collars and I wouldn´t be shocked if they got their own steak for lunch. The people, their lifestyle and personal style was entertainment enough. Worth the visit itself, trust me!

From the hill we walked down Avenue de Monte-Carlo where all the designer stores are. We then took the train back, and had dinner at a delicious resturant in Vence, right by the Place de Grand Jardin where the antique marked is. Felt a little bit more like home, haha. All in all, the day was absolutely fab, and I would gladly head back any time! It is for sure an excursion you would both feel grateful and humble to have experienced. 


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My best friend has finally come down to visit me, and we´ve spent the last three days sightseeing bigtime. It´s his first time on the French Riviera, so I´m showing him around. As I love strolling, gazing and photographing, it fits absolutely fabulous. The first day we took the bus to Cannes, and walked around town together. We (well, me mostly) started off drooling at labels in the designer street before walking around the Palais des Festivals where the famous film festival is held in the spring.

We then headed down to the docks to look at all the ridiculously fancy yachts and the stunning view from the pier into the beach. I unfortunately got stung by a bee there, and as that is my biggest pet peeve in the whole world, it was kind of chaotic there for a while. I cried and was a mess, so we walked back to find ourself a place to have dinner and some much needed alcohol. We ate tartar and salmon tartar with avocado at one of the many delicious beach bars/resturants you find on Boulevarde de la Croisette before we shared a bottle of Rosé on the beach.

The bus ride was tiresome, so we decided to take the train back instead, and then an Uber from the train station. We´ve chosen train since then, as it is by far the best way to get around the Riviera. All in all (even with the bee sting) we had an amazing day, and of course a long awaited reunion in beautiful Cannes.


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sunnies / rayban
body jewelry / ebay
bikini top / primark

I had to travel home from France in July because of health related issues. True to myself, I was home happily for maybe a week before I got restless once again. So, me and my roomie (and beautiful travel companion) spontaneously ordered a trip to Alanya, Turkey. This may be old news to my instagram followers, but I thought I´d post some pictures here as well, and tell you a little bit about my last trip.

For the first time in years, I went on a classic charter-all-inclusive-cheap-alcohol-and-beachbeds kind of trip. I´m not usually a fan of that kind of limited vacay, but this time it was actually perfect. After ordering one of the cheapest trips Ving - the travel agency we used - had to offer, we ended up on Sunprime Alanya Beach Hotel. I never care about the hotel on such travels, and would never order such an expensive hotel full price. That being said, you obviously get what you pay for! The rooms were beautiful from start to finish, the food was delicious, the pools (!) and general outside area stunning, and the staff welcoming and helpful - all over an impeccable impression. Following, a great stay that I would gladly recommend if you´re ever to visit Alanya. And if you are, be sure to choose the All Inclusive offer (which we ordered after one day) , as it includes both meals, snacks and alchohol. You will thank me afterwards (or not, if you get a liver disease or something)

We spent the trip mainly with a cold beer in each hand and with sand between our toes at the beautiful Kleopatra Beach (no 1. attraction on Trip Advisor). We had an amazing time sunbathing, bathing, telling stories and laugh as we always do, and do well. In the evenings, we ate at the hotel before heading out for drinks, shopping or both (more often than not). As I think fake brands are insanely tacky and frankly hideous, I didn´t buy anything but the labelless crocodile leathered pumps - but that was enough, I´m in love! As soon as my foot heals properly, I will mix them with every outfit I can possibly manage.

The only kind of sightseeing we did while there, was heading up to the Alara Kalesi, where I took the photo of Alanya City at night. It was all dark when we visited, so I can´t tell you if it´s worth a visit in daylight - the view was stunning, and worth the taxi money anyways. All in all, there´s not too much to tell you from the week, other than that I recommend Alanya for the typical shoulders-down-vacay. We enjoyed it! 


Beach braidz

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Oh my God, how I love this braid trend we´ve got going girls !
One, two or three like this, I absolutely adore it.

Makes every sweaty, sandy beach day look fab. Here at Kleopatra Beach, Turkey. 
bathingsuit / primark

Outfits of France

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Jumpsuit / Only   Purse / Vintage Prada   Sunnies / Ebay

Bathing suit / Primark   Sunnies / Ebay

Tee & Skirt / Bikbok   Purse / Vintage Prada   Sneakers / Nike Air Force 1

Bikini / Dubrovnik

Two piece jumpsuit / STAY   Purse / Marc Jacobs   Chunky sandals / Nelly

Bikini top / Primark   Shorts / Levis 501 cutoffs

Top / Bikbok   Jeans / Never Denim Superflex   Purse / Vintage Prada  
Sunnies / RayBan Highstreet   Shoes / Toms


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Originally published on my vsco account. I´ve fallen in love with the simple kinda art lately, and use my phone camera way more than my Canon. This way, I don´t think as much before shooting, and get these everyday pieces of art that I love so much. As I´ve admitted a thousand times before, and probably will a thousand and one more, my art both in text and visuals are my way of coping with a chaotic head, and I feel grateful to have a creative mind in times like these.